Blossom Projects is an auditing and consulting company in Hospitality
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You are a luxury company and want to develop your product?

By choosing Blossom Projects, you surround yourself with the best to accompany you in your development. We respond to your desire to increase the range of your establishment, your desire to improve your customer service or your need for performance and visibility. Thus, you can choose a complete mission or « à la carte » services. Our team adapts to your needs and challenges by bringing you an innovative vision and business expertise.

Consulting is, today, booming in the luxury sector which is looking for a working method to face a changing environment. Through this human accompaniment, they are looking for vision and leadership. Our strategic analysis, our reliable organization and our watchful eye on innovation are real assets for you.

Indeed, our flexibility and our service adapted to the resolution of the problems specific to each establishment provide you with a personalized approach. Because each city and even each country has different challenges. Thus, we provide you with a service that meets your requirements and your deadlines.

Architecture and Design

Because the customer experience starts with the view, Blossom Projects imagines innovative concepts and creates a real identity for your establishment, perennial in time. We find the right actors to interpret them: architects, decorators, engineers, landscape designers, scenographers, etc… and coordinate everything to arrive at a finished global project.

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The operational services in direct contact with the clientele of your establishment participate, on the front line, in a successful stay. Blossom Projects audits them in order to evaluate their performance, their emotional ability, their sensitivity to luxury and the quality of the offer and services.

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Human Resources

The notion of excellence in service necessarily depends on the human talents you recruit. Thanks to the quality of its network of professionals, Blossom Projects defines the profiles of the members of the management team and participates in their search and recruitment. In addition, we offer training in the codes of luxury for your employees.

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Strategic advice

To optimize the profitability of your company Blossom Projects analyzes both the turnover of the different revenue-generating departments and the costs related to operations. An audit of the sales and marketing department and the financial structure will allow us to provide you with a detailed report of the strategic decisions recommended to optimize and develop your product.

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