Blossom Projects is an auditing and consulting company in Hospitality
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Auditing and consultancy services in upmarket hospitality

Are you an independent hotelier or a hotel chain seeking to evolve your product?

By choosing Blossom Projects, you are surrounding yourself with talent to support you in your development project. We respond to your desire to move your establishment upmarket, your wish to improve your customer service or your need for performance and visibility. You can choose from a complete mission or « à la carte » services. Our team adapts to your needs and your challenges by bringing you an innovative vision and business expertise.

Today, consulting is expanding fast with hotels looking for a successful working method to address a changing environment. Through this personal support, they seek vision and leadership. Our strategic analysis, our reliable organisation and our insight into innovation are real assets for you.

Indeed, our flexibility and our service tailored to resolving issues specific to each establishment offer you a personalised approach. Because every city and every country face different challenges. We provide you with a service that meets your requirements and your deadlines.

Architecture and Design

Because the customer experience starts with the eyes, Blossom Projects designs innovative concepts and creates a real and enduring identity for your business. We look for the right people to interpret these concepts: architects, interior designers, engineers, landscapers, designers and more, and we coordinate everything in order to achieve a complete, holistic project.

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The operational services in direct contact with your customers are the first line in achieving a successful stay. Blossom Projects audits them to evaluate their performance, their emotional skills, their awareness of luxury and the quality of the services on offer.

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Human Resources

The notion of excellence in service necessarily involves the talents you recruit. Thanks to the quality of its network of professionals, Blossom Projects defines profiles for the members of the management team, and searches for and recruits candidates. We also offer training in luxury standards for your employees.

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Strategic advice

To optimise the profitability of your hotel, Blossom Projects analyses both the turnover of the various income streams and the operating costs. An audit of the sales and marketing department and the financial structure allows us to present you with a detailed report containing the recommended strategic decisions to optimise and develop your product.

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