Blossom Projects’ key partners
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Key partners of Blossom Projects


Thomas – Development Expert

A specialist in hotel development, Thomas is involved from the conception of a project through to its entry into operation. Development involves all the multitude of time-consuming details that must be treated with precision. His specialist skill is to manage, with full confidence and transparency, all these “details” that in reality are nothing of the sort. Flexibility and responsiveness are the watchwords of this motivated and passionate expert in his field. As a result, Thomas has already worked with the greatest architects from the four corners of the globe. He is your key partner for your architecture and design projects.


Marianna – Spa Expert

From a family of hoteliers, Marianna has been immersed in the world of spas since her childhood. As a result, she has acquired in-depth expertise and has become one of the few experts skilled in all operational aspects of different types of spa: from hotel spas to thalassotherapy centres, by way of medi-spas. She regularly gives lectures to share her passion and leads courses in spa management.


Pablo – Culinary expert

Pablo is your privileged contact for opening new restaurants, defining concepts, organizing menu tastings and recruiting teams. Detail-oriented, creative, motivated and enthusiastic, he has dedicated his life to defining the impact of gastronomy on different cultures and delighting palates around the world. The Mediterranean and Nikkei cuisines, influences from his expatriations, are the most beautiful reflections of his cuisine.


David – F&B Expert

From the French Atlantic coast to London by way of St Barts and Geneva, David has built up great expertise in the field of Foods & Beverage. David has spent 12 years in the restaurant sector and 6 more in business financing at a major Swiss bank. He thus has a global understanding and is an expert in creating business plans, in client experience and business development.

Marion lifestyle

Marion – Recruitment expert

Marion is an experienced Talent Search / Headhunter and enjoys over 20 years experience in international recruitment in the luxury and hospitality field. She has worked on numerous executive management appointments internationally. She brings international expertise having previously worked for both corporate recruitment agencies and starts-up in Geneva, London, Barcelona  and New York.

Axel – Financial Expert

Thanks to a career in the luxury industry and as Financial Director, Axel has a keen eye for how to optimise the costs and enhance the earnings of an establishment. He knows how to get the best out of your brand. A graduate of Cornell University in Real Estate Investments and Asset Management, Axel is a true expert. He recommends investments tailored to your needs.