Blossom Projects’ references
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Blossom Projects references

Some of the best institutions in the world have already trusted us. Here is a selection:

With such references, Blossom Projects possesses sound experience in the key areas of the luxury industry. By contacting us for all of your projects, you are sure to receive optimal supportLike an orchestra conductor, the founder places her network and her experience with some of the most beautiful hotels and brands in the world at your service.

In the institutions mentioned in the reference, the founder and her partners have dealt with renovations, rebrandings, debrandings, crisis situations and also wonderful successes! We apply our expertise in different types of services, so you don’t have to: architecture and design, human resources and strategic advice. All these services are available in a multitude of languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian and Japanese are all in use at Blossom Projects.

If you cannot identify exactly which of our services meets your requirements, we can discuss à la carte services together. We also offer an annual subscription system allowing follow-up on different topics, throughout the year. Contact us for more information, get to know us and set out your needsAnticipating the future is the key to your success !

« He who gives no thought to far-flung problems soon finds nearby worries. » Confucius.