Surround yourself with talents thanks to Blossom Projects
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Human Resources

Surround yourself with talents

What is the value of the world’s finest establishment without impeccable service from its employees?

Knowing how to personalize your approach to a client who wants to live a new experience, find the way to surprise him, make him live an unforgettable experience without falling into iconization:

Whether for business or pleasure, Blossom Projects works by your side so that the magic happens at every interaction with your customers. We recruit and train for you the talents needed for this change.

Blossom Projects is also able to intervene for you in the optimization of your performance. To do so, we work closely with your financial and sales and marketing departments.


Thanks to our network of professionals around the world, we are committed to finding the best management positions for you: General Management, Boutique Management, Human Resources Management, F&B Management, Executive Chef, Accommodation Management, Spa Management, Sales and Marketing Management, Financial Management.

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Because the human dimension of luxury is not something that can be improvised, we train your staff in industry codes and in the right attitude. We provide you with a decisive competitive advantage, allowing you to stand out and generate loyalty. Continuous training is essential to the success of your establishment and for the well-being of your employees.

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