Creation of your own identity by Blossom Projects
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Architecture and Design

Create an identity

Never before has the luxury sector experienced such a bubbling. This industry is a veritable living lab of design and new concepts where a new experience must be offered to an increasingly demanding, unfaithful and volatile clientele. Luxury is a precursor and heralds new trends.

At a time when competition in the sector is intensifying, maintaining the expected level of excellence or renovating one’s existing heritage becomes essential to stay at the highest level. Blossom Projects anticipates risks, contains them and carries out your project successfully. We know the role of each actor, arbitrate the financial and environmental stakes, and select for you the architects, decorators, engineers, landscape designers

The ambiences of the premises are more and more sought-after (cosy, refined, vintage, contemporary, warm…). Let’s make room for specification! We choose for you the FF&E and OS&E in order to reinforce your brand image.

Blossom Projects is also able to intervene for you in the framework of your development. We carry out your market and feasibility studies allowing your expansion. We carry out an asset management service for the follow-up of the profitability of your investments.

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